Madeira Whale Watching Trip Reports

Trip Report
Whale & dolphin watching around Madeira in August 2021
Dolphin & whale watching around Madeira - July 2021
Whale watching in Madeira, June 2021
Dolphin & whale watching around Madeira in August 2020
Whalewatching in Madeira, July 2020
Whale & dolphin watching in quarantine... Mar, Apr, Mai, Jun 2020
Whalewatching around Madeira in February 2020
Cetaceans visiting Madeira in January 2020
Cetaceans around Madeira for festive season, December 2019
Whalewatching around Madeira, November 2019
Whale & dolphin watching around Madeira, October 2019
Madeira whales & dolphins, September 2019
July sightings of whales and dolphins around Madeira
Whale-watching in Madeira in June 2019
Dolphin & whale watching in May 2019 around Madeira
Whale watching in Madeira during April 2019
Marine mammals around Madeira archipelago in March 2019
Whale watching around Madeira deep waters in February 2019
Cetaceans around Madeira during January 2019
October 2018 - whale & dolphin sightings around Madeira
Whale watching trip reports around Madeira, August 2018
Whale watching around Madeira in July 2018
June 2018 whalewatching observations around Madeira
Whalewatching in Madeira, May 2018
Dolphins and whales around Madeira in April 2018
March 2018 - observations of dolphins and whales around Madeira
Dolphins & whale species recorded around Madeira in February 2018
January 2018 whalewatching observations in Madeira
Cetaceans observed during Christmas season in Madeira, 2017
Whale & dolphin watching in Madeira - November 2017
Whale & dolphin watching in Madeira, October 2017
Whalewatching around Madeira - species report September 2017
Whales & dolphins visiting Madeira in August 2017
Whalewatching sightings in Madeira, July 2017
Cetaceans around Madeira, June 2017
Dolphinwatching & whalewatching, Madeira, May 2017
Sea mammals around Madeira, April 2017
Whale & dolphin watching in Madeira, March 2017
Whalewatching in Madeira, February 2017
Cetaceans around Madeira during January 2017
Whales & dolphins spotted around Madeira in November 2016
Marine mammals observed around Madeira, October 2016
Whalewatching in Madeira during September 2016
Whales & dolphins spotted around Madeira, August 2016
Dolphin & whale watching in Madeira, July 2016
Whalewatching in Madeira, June 2016
Madeira whale & dolphin watching in May 2016
Whalewatching Madeira, April 2016
March 2016 - whale & dolphin watching reports for Madeira
February 2016 - whales & dolphins watched at Madeira ocean
January 2016 - sightings of cetaceans around Madeira
Whales & dolphins in Madeira on December 2015
Whale watching in Madeira in October 2015
Whalewatching in Madeira in August 2015
Whale watching in July in Madeira - species observed
Cetaceans around Madeira in June 2015
Whales & dolphins observed in Madeira in May 2015
Whales & dolphins around Madeira in April 2015
Whalewatching in Madeira in March 2015
Cetaceans observed around Madeira in February 2015
Species observed on whalewatching trips in January 2015